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Brain Health in Breast Cancer Survivors

Woman in white t-shirt holding pink breast cancer awareness ribbon in her hand to promote prevention and women's health.

Are you a recent breast cancer survivor?

Researchers at Center for BrainHealth are recruiting female breast cancer survivors who have noticed changes in thinking since cancer diagnosis.

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How It Works

Who is Eligible?

  • Female breast cancer survivors (ages 28-80)

  • Diagnosed within last 5 years, finished chemotherapy at least 6 months ago

  • Have noticed changes in thinking since cancer diagnosis

  • Interested in improving brain health potential

  • English-speaking with access to internet

What is involved?

Participants will be randomized into one of two groups – (1) active and (2) delayed active.

Both groups will complete the BrainHealth Index and questionnaires (approx 90 minutes) to establish a baseline, another at 3 months, and a third at 9 months.

After baseline assessment, the active group will complete online trainings and education (15 min/week) through their dashboard and participate in 45-minute group coaching calls (1/month). The delayed-active group will start accessing the same content after their 3-month assessment.

By the end of the study, participants in both groups will have the opportunity to complete the training and experience at least 5 group coaching sessions.