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SMART Research - Typical & Disadvantaged Adolescents

A group of teenage students are smiling while leaning against lockers.

The earliest published evidence for SMART™ was born in a randomized control trial (RCT) measuring gist-reasoning abilities of students in typical middle school classrooms.


  • in-person study including over 900 middle schoolers

  • teacher training (reaching more that 82,000 students)

  • measured academic improvements in standardized tests (Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies)

Published Research

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Effects of Higher-order Cognitive Strategy Training on Gist Reasoning and Fact-learning in Adolescents

Findings from this randomized controlled trial (RCT) suggest students can significantly improve gist-reasoning and fact-learning abilities by engaging in SMART™ strategies to support the ability to abstract meaning.

Adolescent students and teacher smiling by a window.

Enhancing Inferential Abilities in Adolescence: New Hope for Students in Poverty

By measuring a variety of critical skills for higher-order learning, this study examines the effects of SMART™ Brain Training on gist reasoning and fact recall among middle school students.

Jacque Gamino conducting SMART training with a group of Dallas-area teachers.

Higher-order Executive Function in Middle School: Training Teachers to Enhance Cognition in Young Adolescents

Using the SMART™ protocol, this study investigated outcomes from providing short-term, intensive training to middle school teachers by measuring evidence of higher-order executive function in their students.

A young female student is studying while looking at the tablet. Child. Kid. Youth.

Inhibitory Control Gains From Higher-order Cognitive Strategy Training

Findings from this study indicate that training higher-order executive functions using SMART™ Brain Training can strengthen inhibitory control among middle school students.