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Brain Performance Institute Partnership Furthers Restoration of Memorial Day’s True Meaning

A man in military uniform stands in front of the American flag

Center for BrainHealth

Memorial Day. Many Americans celebrate this national holiday as an extended weekend with backyard barbeques and a time for discounted shopping at their favorite stores. One organization, Carry The Load, is on a mission to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day with opportunities for all Americans to honor and remember the sacrifices of our nation’s military and first responders. The Center for BrainHealth’s Brain Performance Institute is honored to be a nonprofit partner of Carry The Load for a second consecutive year and will proudly participate in the Carry The Load Dallas Memorial March Sunday May 24 and Monday May 25. “At the Brain Performance Institute, we recognize and celebrate the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes each and every day and are thrilled about the opportunity to partner with Carry The Load again this year, uniting our efforts to reach the entire network of military service members, veterans, and first responders across the nation,” said Eric Bennett, Brain Performance Institute executive director. In addition to hosting a national relay that spans from the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY along the East Coast to Dallas, and City Rallies across the nation, Carry The Load raises funds to support seven national nonprofit organizations and nine local nonprofits in Texas. Click here to see the full list of beneficiaries. More than 800 service members, veterans, military spouses and caregivers, and first responders have participated in our high performance brain training programs as a result of partnerships like Carry The Load. “Our mission this year, and every year until we’ve reached as many as we can, is to continue delivering this scientifically validated program to those who have voluntarily endured service and sacrifice,” said Chris Talcott, Brain Performance Institute deputy director and retired U.S. Army Colonel. "The strategies we provide in our programs maximize brain performance, minimize stress and improve productivity, instilling healthier brains, healthier families and ultimately, a healthier nation.” “We are honored to have the Brain Performance Institute as a Dallas Non-Profit Partner again this year,” said Stephen Holley, Carry The Load co-founder and former U.S. Navy SEAL. “The Brain Performance Institute’s mission to arm our nation's heroes with the tools to achieve successful, fulfilling lives by optimizing brain performance through effective, evidence-based programs is so important in the rehabilitation and transition from active duty to civilian life. The opportunity for Carry The Load to provide support to further this mission is something we are excited to be a part of for another year.” During the Dallas Memorial March, the Center for BrainHealth and Brain Performance Institute will “carry” the ten warriors on staff at both organizations, and the more than 800 service members, veterans, military spouses and caregivers, and first responders who have benefited from our high performance brain training programs. If you are interested in joining our team, please register here. Who are you carrying?

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