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Overcoming Challenges

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The Brain Is Trainable and Adaptable

Translational research reveals the brain’s capacity to grow, change, rewire and repair throughout life, adapting to cognitive changes by exercising areas of preserved functioning and creating newfound hope for the mitigation of brain injury or disease.

Youth Brain Injury Assessment and Monitoring

After the initial phase of recovery from a brain injury, discover how to unlock your greatest potential at each new stage.

Featured Research

Group of four teens talking while studying on the lawn of a school campus.

Neurocognitive Stall: A Paradox in Long-Term Recovery from Pediatric Brain Injury

Children typically recover quicker in the immediate phase of their traumatic brain injury but endure a stall in the latent stage.

The Charisma game displayed on a laptop

Charisma: A Virtual Reality Training to Promote Social BrainHealth in Adults

This game-based platform with a clinician-led strategy training protocol helps adults navigate the socially complex interactions they face every day.

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Reasoning Training in Veteran and Civilian Traumatic Brain Injury With Persistent Mild Impairment

SMART™ Brain Training teaches tactics that can help individuals with TBI show improved executive function, memory, abstract reasoning, depressive symptoms and stress.

Senior woman talking and smiling with young woman outdoors.

Discourse Changes in Early Alzheimer Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Normal Aging

This study establishes discourse gist measures as a protocol for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment.

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Improved Reasoning in Children with ADHD after Strategic Memory and Reasoning Training: A Novel Intervention for Strategic Learning Impairment

The results of this study demonstrate evidence for the clinical application of cognitive interventions for children with impaired reasoning ability.

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Impaired Discourse Gist and Working Memory in Children after Brain Injury

Children with TBI struggle with abstraction and more complex cognitive tasks even when other basic functions are comparable with uninjured children.

Cognitive Training Reorganizes Network Modularity in Traumatic Brain Injury

Individuals with a TBI demonstrate changes in their brain's connections following a strategy-based cognitive training program called SMART™.

Pattern of Brain Scans

Combined Effects of Marijuana and Nicotine on Memory Performance and Hippocampal Volume

This study found participants who used marijuana both individually and combined with tobacco had smaller hippocampal volumes compared to both tobacco users and nonusers.