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A hand holding an abstract geometric brain in a blue background.

Press Releases

Former Vice Chair Takes the Reins as Center for BrainHealth’s Advisory Board Chair

Center for BrainHealth announced new leadership for its advisory board. Starting September 1, David Jacobs will succeed Roger Gault as board chair, and Lindsay Wilson will assume the vice chair position.

Center for BrainHealth
Young male in casualwear and protective mask lying on long couchette and moving into large MRI imaging equipment for examination. Scan.

Press Releases

BrainHealth Research Demonstrates the Impact of Aging on Brain Function

Using calibrated functional magnetic resonance imaging (cfMRI), BrainHealth researchers tested their hypothesis that the aging process has damaging effects on the brain's underlying neuro-vascular coupling (NVC) system.

Center for BrainHealth
landscape; photo credit Trevor Paul

News Coverage

Make Your Brain SMARTER: An Interview With Dr. Sandra Chapman

Selena Bartlett meets with Sandi Chapman, and the neuroscientists discuss the future of brain health, the origins of Center for BrainHealth, and stories of brain's miraculous potential to restore itself after injury or disease.

Thriving Minds
Blurred business people walking through a modern, minimalist building.

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HKS and Center for BrainHealth Launch BrainHealthy Workplace Partnership

The architectural firm expects the collaboration with Center for BrainHealth will inform their flexible workplace policies while empowering employees to boost collaboration and innovation through brain-healthy practices.

Building Design + Construction
Rear view of soldier, carrying a child with an American flag and walking into a field on a sunny day.

Press Releases

National Guard Advances Warfighter Brain Fitness

The National Guard Bureau has taken a bold step toward securing and enhancing Warfighter brain health, and ensuring cognitive combat readiness with the launch of a new initiative to measure, track and improve cognitive performance and psychological well-being – the Warfighter Brain Fitness program.

Center for BrainHealth and Warfighter Fitness
An architect creating renderings and working with models for a design.

Press Releases

HKS Partners With Center for BrainHealth to Help Employees Thrive

HKS is partnering with The University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for BrainHealth on a study to improve the way the firm’s employees work, collaborate and innovate, both individually and as an organization.

Center for BrainHealth and HKS
A happy father helping his smiling, helmeted child ride a bike.

News Coverage

Three Simple Rules to Raise Kind Kids

Kindness training, like an intervention delivered in the recent BrainHealth pilot study Kind Minds with Moozie, has been shown to be effective in helping parents implement effective and actionable habits for boosting kindness in daily life.

Jacque Gamino conducting SMART training with a group of Dallas-area teachers.

Press Releases

BrainHealth Research Demonstrates Cognitive Training Improves Student Learning

SMART training provides immediate and long-term academic benefits. New research demonstrates that neuroscience training equips teachers with the tools and confidence to reduce learning gaps in eighth grade students, as measured by State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) performance.

Center for BrainHealth
Frustrated worker at laptop, holding head in hands.

News Coverage

COVID Fog: Four Ways to Maintain a Healthy Brain at Work

Jennifer Zientz, deputy director of programs and head of clinical services at UT Dallas’ Center for BrainHealth, discusses how to prevent workplace burnout with D CEO Healthcare.

Headshot of senior Katie Hinds.

News Coverage

Brain Benefits of Being a Lifelong Learner

Katie Hinds, senior clinician at Center for BrainHealth, shares insights about The BrainHealth Project and benefits of being a lifelong learner on the podcast for the Plano Public Library.

Plano Library Speaks Podcast
Photograph of Jean Ann Brock, Steve White, Sandi Chapman and Geoff Ling (during the Limitless event at the Brock home in March 2022).

News Coverage

Center For BrainHealth Surprises and Impresses Friends With Three Major Announcements

Center for BrainHealth’s invitation-only gathering at Jean Ann Brock's home included monumental announcements about the Center's developments.

My Sweet Charity
Bob Priest-Heck at the center, standing beside a SMART banner (Feb. 2022).

News Coverage

Forget Fiduciary Trust – CEOs Have a Bigger Job

In this op-ed, Bob Priest-Heck, CEO of the global event production company Freeman, reflects on the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer and concludes that innovative business leaders should encourage initiatives to build resilience, including Center for BrainHealth cognitive training.

Older woman taking a hearing test with a large model of the human ear in the foreground.

News Coverage

The Hidden Effects of Hearing Loss on the Brain

Researchers across the country, including BrainHealth's Dr. Yune Lee, are studying how hearing loss affects brain activity as they seek to uncover the myriad unseen effects on the brain.

Woman reclining on white carpet, relaxing and listening with headphones.

News Coverage

Sound Science: Researcher Investigates How Music Alters the Mind

Dr. Yune Lee anticipates that his research – funded by private and public sources, like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – can provide concrete neurological evidence revealing the benefits of sound therapy.

UT Dallas New Center

Press Releases

Center for BrainHealth Receives Transformational Investment from Sammons Enterprises, Names Imaging Center

This largest single gift in the center’s history will advance work to identify neural indicators of protected, strengthened and restored brain health.

Center for BrainHealth