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Be the architect of your own brain.

The brain is our most vital organ, driving who we are and what we achieve – yet most of us do not give our brain a second thought unless something goes wrong. But you can take charge of your brain health. Start your journey today.

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Ways to Get Involved

Become a Friend of BrainHealth

Dr. Yune Lee, with Distinguished New Scientist Hyun Woong Kim and Dr. Dan Krawczyk.
Join Friends of BrainHealth to help launch new careers and significantly shape research at Center for BrainHealth. Each year, Friends funds new projects by emerging researchers at all levels of post-secondary study. Learn more about the grant application process.
Research grants are announced at the Ramona Jones Friends of BrainHealth Scientist Selection Luncheon, one of the most popular events of the year, featuring a riveting contest, energetic presentations by finalists and a live-audience vote to decide the final award.
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Join Us in Helping Everyone Realize Limitless Brain Potential

We are taking a revolutionary approach to defining, measuring and improving brain health through scientific discovery. Better brain health starts now.
Center for BrainHealth is leading the way, and the opportunities are as limitless as the potential of the brain itself.
We are deeply grateful to visionary supporters such as Sammons Enterprises, Jean Ann Brock, the Estate of Janet DeSanders, Beverly and Don Freeman, Jennifer and Peter Roberts and many others.
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