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Sammons BrainHealth Imaging Center at UT Dallas


Focused on
brain research

Dedicated to Human Brain Imaging

The Sammons BrainHealth® Imaging Center at UT Dallas is a one-of-a-kind research facility located at Center for BrainHealth. Our resources fully concentrate on human brain imaging to measure changes in brain health and function.
Research at the imaging center plays an important role in updating the way people think about the brain’s ability to adapt and grow stronger.
The facility will serve as an international hub for research scientists, partners — and even the medical community — to collaborate in the advancing understanding of brain health. It is available to researchers from UT Dallas and others in the community. Find more details in our brochure


Direct inquiries to Angela Plata at Angela.Plata@UTDallas.edu.


MRI Safety Policies and Procedures Manual Re-Opening Guidelines and Procedures MRI Screening Form


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Our state-of-the-art imaging facility is named in recognition of a transformational investment in the future of BrainHealth from Sammons Enterprises.

More about Sammons and BrainHealth

Optimized for Functional Imaging

The 3-tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners are specifically optimized for the acquisition and interpretation of rich research data and will serve to train the next generation of scientists – those who will be developing new analytics, new technology, and new approaches to create completely new visualization capabilities.
The design and field strength are optimized for functional MRI (fMRI), providing crisp anatomical detail and a signal-to-noise ratio that reduces distortion to facilitate the acquisition and interpretation of data.

Research-Centered Service

The Sammons BrainHealth Imaging Center team at Center for BrainHealth.

Meet the Sammons BrainHealth Imaging Center Team: Sergey Cheshkov, PhD, research scientist; Bart Rypma, PhD, director; Andrew Wolfson, MRI technologist; and Angela Plata, administrative coordinator.

Conduct your research at a one-of-a-kind facility focused on human brain imaging to measure brain health and function.
  • Experienced MRI personnel
  • Assistance with implementation of research protocol
  • Standard functional and anatomical sequences
  • Phlebotomy/collection room
  • Meeting and consent room
  • State-of-the-art pulse sequences:
    • pCASL (arterial spin labeling) from USC
    • Multiband EPI from University of Minnesota
    • Spectroscopy Package from University of Minnesota
    • ABCD Package from Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Dual Echo pCASL from McGill University
For more details, read our imaging center brochure

Grand Opening and Installation Highlights

Our unique facility expands the potential for innovative research into human brain health.

Things to Know Before Your Appointment