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Portrait of a multi-generation Hispanic family, sitting together on the grass in a park. The main focus is the 6 year old boy laughing in the foreground next to his mother and grandfather. The grandfather is in his 80s.

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We Are in a Brain Health Crisis

The ripple effects of the pandemic will be felt for years to come. The cost of doing nothing is too high.

  • An academic “lost year”

  • Job uncertainty

  • Social isolation

  • Skyrocketing mental health concerns including stress, anxiety, depression and suicide

In this video, Adm. William McRaven, spokesperson for The BrainHealth® Project, explains why nothing is more important than brain health and performance.


Early intervention before Alzheimer's could save $7T in health costs
1% = $200B
Every 1% improvement in productivity can increase GDP by $200B
Improved brain health could help 40M adults affected by anxiety disorders

BrainHealth, At The Center Of It All

A group of diverse happy teenagers taking a close-up photo, smiling to the camera. IStock#: 826221008.

Healthy brain practices can help people cope and even thrive amidst challenging circumstances. 

  • Innovative, science-backed protocols teach brain-healthy strategies with SMART™.

  • The first multifaceted metric to measure and track changing brain fitness focuses on improvement – BrainHealth Index.

  • A comprehensive digital platform lets us engage effectively with people no matter where they are – The BrainHealth Project.

It’s time to scale up: Help us revolutionize the care and well-being of the human brain.

Imagine A Brighter Future

Erin Venza MS, CCC-SLP and Kate Juett showing Friends of BrainHealth Distinguished Scientist Award in 2017, made possible by the Sapphire Foundation.

Driving The Science Of Brain Health Forward

Launched in 2008, the Friends of BrainHealth donor circle has raised a total of $3.1 million for the Center for BrainHealth and granted 43 Distinguished New Scientist awards to emerging BrainHealth researchers.

Read how an emerging scientist conducted an impactful study with her award, launching a promising career in brain health research.

Energizing Young Thinkers

Brain plasticity during adolescence makes this a crucial period to train higher-order executive function, which is critically important for success in all areas of life – academic performance, mental health, and ability to interact with others. Our Adolescent Reasoning Initiative team has deep experience working with middle- and high school educators, with more than 82,000 students reached to date.

In this video, a teacher describes how SMART training has transformed her and her students.

Expanding Access To All

We can reduce the unsustainable costs of poor brain health and build brain capital through healthier, more equitable communities.

We are part of an international, multidisciplinary coalition proposing a Brain Capital Grand Strategy: Toward Economic Reimagination for better brain health recently published in Molecular Psychiatry .

Enabling Social-Emotional Competency

Children, teens and young adults can face social challenges that lead to stigma and social isolation, which can have a detrimental effect on mental health and long-term brain health. Social coaching using the Charisma™ virtual platform has been demonstrated to empower clients, neurodiverse or not, to open up new social possibilities in their lives. In this video, hear from a client's mother as well as the Charisma coach who worked with him to practice new social strategies and build his confidence.

Focusing on Strengths

Disease, injury and disorders are sometimes part of life. Focusing on the brain's strengths rather than its deficits empowers you to improve your quality of life with purpose. We provide support to people living with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early Alzheimer's and their care partners through our Alzheimer's Discovery program.

In this video, one couple describes focusing on their continued purpose. It is part of a powerful series, Engaged in Living: Personal Stories of Alzheimer's .