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How do you rate yourself? Answer 8 quick questions to learn how helpful or harmful your own habits are. Ready?

How often are you in back-to-back meetings or tasks without breaks in between?

Rate yourself on a scale of 0 – 4 (0 = never; 4 = all the time)

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Next Generation Science

Go, Tasby Griffins!

Winner of the Great Brain Gain Middle School Contest, Dallas ISD's Sam Tasby Middle School held a school assembly to announce the $10,000 prize and access to BrainHealth cognitive training for students, staff and parents.
Congratulations to Sam Tasby Middle School – the winner of our Great Brain Gain Middle School Contest! This partnership with Dallas ISD aims to promote brain health throughout middle school communities.Keep young brains active during summer with our Youth and Family Resources!

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It’s time to create a wellness plan for you brain! We eat right to protect our bodies, and exercise to strengthen our hearts and muscles. We also need a plan to nurture this vital organ.

Instead of focusing on how many things you checked off your list today, shift towards the measures that matter most — Were you more innovative? More purpose-driven? More socially fulfilled?

Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Founder and Chief Director
Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD in a pink blouse.

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