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Sparking The Next Health Revolution

Building on three decades of science — as part of UT Dallas, a Tier One research university — we make precision brain health possible at a population level. Our team looks beyond the traditional deficit-based approach to focus on strengths, proactive prevention and preservation.

Breakthroughs Fueled by Innovation

Neuroplasticity. Change Happens.

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Igniting Developing Minds

A New Metric for This Century

The BrainHealth® Index Donut Wheel with descriptions of clarity, fortitude and resilience.

The BrainHealth® Index (BHI) is based on a multidimensional definition of brain health and its upward potential. It is a composite derived from a series of best-in-class assessments that explore multiple aspects of an individual’s cognitive capacity, as well as their sense of well-being, quality of social interactions and complexity of daily routines.

Unlike physical health, a standardized definition or measure of brain health has not existed until now. Yet brain health plays a core role in human progress.

The BrainHealth Index introduces an actionable, holistic metric revealing brain fitness at an individual level. It eliminates the traditional distinctions of cognition, emotion, social and other functions based on a new understanding of the brain's cross-domain functionality. CLARITY Readiness to reason through complex situations, find optimism in crisis, prioritize rest, and create new opportunities/solutions. FORTITUDE Ability to remain emotionally balanced in the face of difficult situations, to handle adversity, and to find moments of joy.

RESILIENCE Capacity to connect with social support system and find purpose in daily life.

The Science of Prevention and Preservation

Our work is aimed at better understanding neural plasticity — how the brain adapts to new challenges. Our cutting-edge work is helping us discover new markers of brain health and performance improvement.

Daniel Krawczyk, PhD Deputy Director of Research