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Campaign Priorities

Message from the Chief Director

Sandra Chapman Limitless Launch Luncheon April 5, 2022
Center for BrainHealth's educational and research mission translates rapidly emerging brain health discoveries into actionable strategies for people to strengthen and improve brain performance. Our work is already having a significant impact on people of all ages and backgrounds – and we must scale up.
Our brain health drives our well-being, clarity of thinking, and social resilience.
Be inspired. We invite you to join us by investing in our future.
Discover our campaign priorities below.

Young Thinkers: Helping Developing Minds Thrive

Adolescent Reasoning Initiative

The economic future of our country rests on how today’s students navigate tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Making the most of an optimal time to enhance learning and innovative thinking, our Adolescent Reasoning Initiative™ equips teachers with knowledge of how the brain learns and how we can thrive in learning.
More than 600 teachers have participated – reaching more than 82,000 students – with transformational results. Research shows the impact of becoming a more confident learner, including improved executive function, reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms, and increased academic performance.

Charisma Virtual Social Coaching

For children and young adults who struggle with social interactions, engaging with the outside world can be a disheartening experience. Charisma™ Virtual Social Coaching is a personalized, avatar-driven social skill training program combining live, strategy-focused social coaching with in-the-moment practice in a realistic, virtual environment. Teachers, clinicians, mental health professionals and social skill educators can become Charisma Coaches to work with individuals across many ages and stages. This program is helping at-risk children and young adults make deeply resonant changes in their social lives.
A man talks to his son while sitting on a fallen tree, enjoying the outdoors.

The Youth BrainHealth Project

We work directly with youth through a youth component within The BrainHealth Project, empowering children from 8-17 to become citizen scientists. Equipped with guidance for thinking strategically, deeply and innovatively across academic and social contexts, students have greater chance for school and career success.
BrainHealth researchers seek to promote and track college achievement, career-readiness – and also lifelong productivity, decision-making, creativity, connectedness and well-being.
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Warriors and First Responders: Protecting our Protectors

A military service member folds their hands.
Military service members, veterans and first responders face challenges transitioning between the high pressure, intense nature of their professions and their time off.
We are destigmatizing brain health by operationalizing it, working with leadership to deliver SMART™ Brain Training, improve transitions, and provide continuity throughout a career. 
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Healthy Adults: Achieving Access to Life-long Brain Health

In 2020, The BrainHealth Project launched as the first research-based online program empowering people to take charge of their brain’s fitness. More than 15,000 are now enrolled, with participants in all 50 states and 32 countries.
Early trials showed tremendous results over three months:
  • About 80% of participants showed gains based on effort
  • Young and old improved equally
  • Women and men demonstrated similar gains
By leveraging big data analytics to monitor and amplify the effects of interventions on individual brain health for 120,000+ people over at least a 10-year period, we are building the world’s largest data set documenting discoveries about healthy brains and proven interventions.
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Support for Alzheimer's and Care Partners

People with a recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s struggle to find messages of hope. Conventional medical practice focuses more on deficits than the brain skills that may be preserved. Our approach emphasizes the life still left to live and ways to extend its quality.
Hundreds of families have participated in Alzheimer’s Discovery™ over the last 20 years, and our research shows that a strength-based approach enriches the lives of families adjusting to a diagnosis. Alzheimer’s Discovery is intent on rewriting a more purpose-filled narrative. 
One couple describes focusing on their continued purpose in this episode from the powerful series, Engaged in Living: Personal Stories of Alzheimer's
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