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SMART Brain Training

A group of four young professionals have a meeting with clients in a modern-looking office.

Every brain is dynamic. Adaptable. Flexible. Trainable. And repairable. 

Just as you can improve your physical fitness through positive lifestyle habits, the same holds for your brain's fitness and performance. Take charge of your brain to extend your peak brain years, fortify against decline and speed your path to recovery.

Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics, or SMART™ Brain Training, teaches techniques that prime the brain to calibrate mental energy, reinforce strategic thinking and ignite innovation.

Strengthen Key Cognitive Functions

STRATEGIC ATTENTION: Improve focus and prioritize important information
INTEGRATED REASONING: Recall and process pertinent information to solve problems
INNOVATION: Shift routine thinking into actions, plans and diverse perspectives

Find Your Team's "A" Game

Our experienced facilitators will lead your team through an interactive and informative workshop. Learning how the frontal networks serve as a conductor to the brain's orchestra is the first step to harnessing its power to maximize cognitive capital and well-being.

Your team will come away with actionable tools that can be applied to daily life.

These workshops are conducted in person, either at our facilities or yours, and can be customized to your group’s needs.

As an individual, you can access SMART Brain Training by joining The BrainHealth Project.

The Science Behind Our Training

Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics, or SMART™, is a proprietary set of strategies developed and tested by BrainHealth® researchers and other teams over the past three decades. The strategies work together to strengthen the brain’s frontal networks and achieve significant, measurable brain changes and improvements. Join the thousands of people of all ages who have benefited from SMART brain training – the toolbar to help you access your brain’s superpowers.

In this video, deputy director of programs Jennifer Zientz shares an overview of SMART Brain Training.

Making a Difference

Caruth Police Institute (CPI) officers graduating from SMART Brain Training as part of their professional development.

We have worked with a vast array of groups over the past decade, equipping them to advance to the next level. Examples include:

  • University and community college faculty

  • Military groups

  • Executive leadership teams

  • City managers' offices

  • Athletic teams

  • Law enforcement departments

  • Corporate departments

  • Nonprofit teams

  • Veteran groups

  • Community groups

As an individual, you can access SMART Brain Training by joining The BrainHealth Project.

High Performance under High Pressure

The folded hands of a military man.

It’s no secret that first responders and military personnel have high-pressure, intense jobs. It can also be difficult to reach a neutral mental state when they are off the job, or when transitioning from active duty military back to civilian life. Through partnerships with active duty and special operations groups, veterans’ organizations, law enforcement and fire departments, we deliver interactive workshops on managing responses to stress, building resilience and emotional self-regulation, improving cognitive performance, and boosting well-being, which has been especially helpful for those who experienced a traumatic brain injury. In a clinical trial, 42% experienced a reduction in stress-related symptoms and 58% saw a reduction in depressive symptoms.

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