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About Us

Large group of Center for BrainHealth leadership and staff in Brain Performance Institute (BPI) atrium.

Pioneers in Brain Health

Founded in 1999 by Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, the Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas is a nonprofit research institute dedicated to advancing the science of brain health: how the brain best learns, reasons and innovates; actionable ways to protect it from decline; and proactive protocols to repair and regenerate brain systems. 

Since its inception, more than $100 million dollars in research and translational funding have been garnered from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, DARPA, National Science Foundation, Health and Human Services, the state of Texas, private philanthropy, corporations and foundations. 

Upward Potential

One’s intellect was once thought to be fixed, and people only considered the brain after health was lost, such as through brain injury or early stages of disease.

The Center’s interdisciplinary team of experts is at the forefront of an entirely new field focused on the brain's lifelong upward potential. 

Our team is boldly impatient to bring proven discoveries to the public at the earliest time possible. Who does not want to know how to build resilience, lengthen years of cognitive robustness, and regain brain energy to maximize the potential of our most vital organ?

Explore our pioneering science. Participate in our programs and events. Join The BrainHealth Project. Begin your BrainHealth journey today.