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Research shows that when we adopt healthier brain habits, cognitive function can often be enhanced or extended.
In 2024, Center for BrainHealth celebrates its 25th anniversary – and our continued commitment to discovering new science-backed approaches to bring to the public.
This year, we are also launching the Great Brain Gain, inspiring people to focus on proactive gains rather than drains. Our goal is to empower communities to strengthen brain fitness through daily habits that make a difference.

25 Years of Leveraging Neuroplasticity

Center for BrainHealth® – part of The University of Texas at Dallas – is a nonprofit research institute redefining how people understand and address the brain’s health and performance. Our team conducts leading-edge research and creates science-backed programs that empower people to be more proactive about their own brain health.
Our brains start to decline as early as our 20-30’s; cognitive neuroscience research has shown us that decline is not inevitable if we practice brain-healthy strategies. 
Early results from our landmark study, The BrainHealth Project, show that 80% of participants experienced a meaningful improvement in their BrainHealth Index – a proprietary tool, the first holistic, science-backed measure to track improvement in brain health. 

Why Brain Health Matters

People want to improve their brain health, but most don’t know how to start.
Challenges abound – mental health concerns, sleep disorders, anxiety, social divisiveness and brain fog. The cost goes beyond individual quality of life and extends to society. The solution is in our heads.
An August 2023 national survey suggested that while 90% of people are aware that the brain’s capacity is not fixed by DNA and can be improved by training and habits, only about 3 in 10 know where to start.

Our Impact

Our Programs

How Better Brain Health Impacts Economies and Societies

Two hands cradling a virtual brain, with a network of connections fanning out over a luminous city skyline.
Center for BrainHealth is launching the Brainomics Venture to demonstrate the economic and societal benefits of better brain health. Brainomics is the discipline that can quantify the tremendous economic gains of better brain health and the immense cost burden of reduced brain capacity.
Brain health plays a major role in our lives – by prioritizing and nurturing individual and community brain health, we are taking a pivotal step to help ensure economies around the world can thrive.

Your Brain's Upward Potential

One’s intellect was once thought to be fixed, and people only considered the brain after health was lost, such as through brain injury or early stages of disease.
The center’s interdisciplinary team of experts is at the forefront of an entirely new field focused on the brain's lifelong upward potential – begin your BrainHealth journey today.
Learn to how to build resilience, lengthen years of cognitive robustness, and regain brain energy to maximize the potential of your most vital organ.
Explore our pioneering science.
Participate in our programs and events.

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