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Sparking The Next Health Revolution

Anyone can improve their brain’s fitness and performance through science-backed training—middle school children to corporate executives, warriors to athletes, people with social skills challenges to those with brain performance concerns.

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BrainHealth at Work

Develop your team’s brain skills, strategic thinking and innovation capabilities.

Individual Training

Bolster brain fitness at every age and life stage.

Consulting Services

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BrainHealth Index

Monitoring fitness is just as essential for your brain as it is for your body.

Get your BrainHealth® Index. Learn your brain's current state of performance and how you can improve it. Gain personalized feedback and strategies that can give you a mental edge.

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Brain Injury Assessment and Monitoring

After the initial phase of recovery from a brain injury, discover how to unlock your greatest potential at each new stage.

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Alzheimer’s Discovery Program

Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia can be overwhelming. Reframe the diagnosis as an opportunity to form an action-oriented plan for the future. Take a strengths-based approach that enriches the lives of families adjusting to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.