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Sparking The Next Health Revolution

Empower Your Team Through Better Brain Performance

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Build individual and team effectiveness by implementing practical strategies designed to enhance mental agility and resilience, improve focus, reduce waste and distractions, and unlock innovation.

Distractions alone cost U.S. companies an estimated 15% in lost productivity each year. For a company with 100 employees, this can translate to a cost exceeding $1M. Give your organization a competitive edge with better brain health and performance.

We will customize your program based on your organization's needs.

How It Works

Get your yearly personal, confidential BrainHealth Index
Learn brain-healthy strategies with self-paced online courses
Participate in personal and group coaching sessions
Engage in weekly online practices
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Enhance Leadership Development

Take a scientific approach to developing the next generation of leaders. This program leverages more than a decade of clinical trials demonstrating strategies that strengthen frontal networks – the brain regions that support attention, planning, judgment, problem solving and more.

Unlock the power of your strategic brain. Learn how to increase efficiency, expand your capacity for innovation, manage – and leverage – stress, navigate uncertainty and collaborate effectively.

Calibrate your mental energy to be your best self at work and at home.

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Provide a Meaningful Wellness Benefit

Brain health is a higher category of health that encompasses issues related to mental health as well as employment-relevant cognitive skills such as innovation and creativity.

Better brain health combats many of the underlying causes of absenteeism and presenteeism. It mitigates fatigue from protracted stress, a pervasive workplace issue that affects employee productivity and retention.

This is the wellness benefit that no employee should go without.

How Caliber Home Loans Introduced the Program

Caliber Home Loans, one of the country's largest home lenders, first piloted BrainHealthy Workplace at the leadership level before making the program available to all its 6,000 employees.

This video segment – a conversation between Caliber's CHRO Sean Harding and BrainHealth's COO Stephen White – was part of the companywide launch.

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