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Volunteer Leaders

Limitless BrainHealth Campaign Leadership

Visionary leaders helping to secure $50 million in philanthropic support for the Limitless BrainHealth Campaign by 2025.

Leadership Council

Honorary circle recognizing donors and community leaders with longstanding commitment to and support of BrainHealth.

Advisory Board

Active ambassadors promoting our mission through community outreach, committee service, and annual contributions.

Advisory Board Emeritus

The BrainHealth Advisory Board Emeritus was established to honor board members who have graciously fulfilled their term on the board. We are so grateful for your steadfast service to the Center for BrainHealth.

Limitless BrainHealth Campaign Leadership

Leadership Council

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Emeritus

Allie Beth and Pierce Allman

Vera and Andy Baker

Chris Baldridge

Debby and Buddie Barnes

Major General Lee Baxter, USA (Ret.)

Sue Blackwell

Ed Blessing

Bill Bogart

Nancy Carter

Rachael Cash

Ballard Castleman

Kate Cavanaugh

Don Chapman

Suzanne and Lance Charriere

Coley Clark

Marsha and Steve Clay

Cary Clayborn

Calvin Colbert

Janie Cooke

Ben Crosland

Patsy Donosky

Jane Dunne

Marie Perry Dyer

Frank Dyer

Gano Ehlers

Sandra Estess

Gloria Eulich

Caroline Gehan

Louise Griffeth

Whitney and Jay Grogan

Carolyn Guillot

Dan Guthrie

Kay Hammond

Susan and Ralph Hawkins

Bert Headden

Anne Helbing

Carol Heller

Chad Hennings

Rita and Henry Hortenstine

Sydney Huffines

Elizabeth Hughes

Steve Jakubcanin

Jeanene Jenkins-Hulsey

Ramona Jones

Biddie Jordan

Kate Juett

Sue Justice

Eric Kildebeck

Chuck Magill

Tamara Mattison

Lynn and Allan McBee

Samara Kline and Andy McCarthy

Pat and Charles McEvoy

Jon Mertz

Martha Miller

Julie Musselman

Sammye Myers

Ginger and Larry Nobles

Nena and Andrew Oshman

Pam Pendleton

Katherine and Bob Penn

Susan Ragland

Brett Ringle

Sandy Rouse

Nancy Sanders

Hank Schlachter

Shelia and Paul Schlosberg

Sarah Schoellkopf

Gail Schoellkopf

Will Schoellkopf

Lynn and John Sears

Carol Seay

Rob See, Jr.

Bonnie and Pat Shelby

Shelle and Michael Sills

Joanie Slaughter

Jill Smith

Debbie Snell

Anne Stark

Jeff Staubach

Claudia and Jerry Stool

John Talmadge

Jeb Terry, Sr.

Semra Treece

Kathryn and David Waldrep

Bryan Ward

John Ward

Roy Washburn

Tucean Webb

Garry Weber

Bobbi Wedlan Weil

Emilynn Wilson