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The Center for BrainHealth® is actively seeking individuals to take part in the following brain research studies. To find out more about future studies, please visit our Connect With Us page and subscribe to Brain Matters Monthly, and get regular updates on new studies taking place.

Registering does not obligate you to participate in a study. You will periodically be contacted with information on studies that are taking place at BrainHealth. At that point, you can contact the person listed on the newsletter in order to participate in a particular study.

All Open Studies:
  • The BrainHealth Project – A landmark scientific study that helps people of all ages unlock their brain potential and measure improvement over time. Train your brain to work better, faster and last longer (All Ages)

The BrainHealth Project

A Landmark Scientific Study

The BrainHealth Project introduces a multidimensional understanding of brain health and explores our lifelong ability to impact its fitness, no matter the starting point.

Listen to a recorded informational session to better understand how this innovative approach to brain training teaches you to focus on your own strengths and performance, empowering you to continue becoming the best version of yourself.