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Inaugural Art of Kindness Competition

2019 Art of Kindness Finalists in Q4, 2019. Page 3.

On November 13, 2019, nine local high school students celebrated World Kindness Day by showcasing their work to kick off the Center for BrainHealth's first Art of Kindness event. Sharing remarkable depth and thoughtfulness, these young artists took complex neuroscience concepts and tied them to personal life experiences, expressing profound and sensitive ideas in creative and engaging ways.

Finalists for the inaugural year of this art contest include:

The Complexity of the Teenage Brain by Charlotte Clark This piece is inspired by the teenage brains’ response to watching someone in pain, based upon the scientific article “How Do the Brains of Children, Teenagers, and Adults Respond to Others’ Pain?” Based upon analysis of the neurological response to watching someone in pain, the red and blue characters on either side represent the alpha power increase and alpha power decrease responses while the central, purple character symbolizes the complex and unique union of the two neurological responses.
Deanna’s Concern by Ben Courtwright This image of my grandmother, Deanna, taken in the middle of a grocery store, illustrates the feelings of grandmotherly concern in a fraction of a second. Our family was in crisis and she came to take care of us.
A Connection by Sydney Headrick Empathy is what makes humans worth more than other species. The ability to share the feeling with another inspired this painting to show the connection people can make with each other while using empathy. The colors of the painting are selected in comparison to the brain scan colors, centering the painting around calmness and soft emotions.
Empathetical Understanding by Gracie Fenner
Loving Embrace by Brian Beaman
Linking by Jack Barriere I wanted to portray how interconnected people are through empathy. As humans, we feel when someone else gets hurt and take that information to help them in acts of kindness.
Empathy from the Past by Akeysha King The teenage girl’s boyfriend just broke up with her. Her mom is the one showing empathy; because, that has happened to her. The girl’s little sister doesn’t understand the situation.
You Smile, I Smile by Kenia Castro
Sympathy by Taylor DunsonIt is a drawing of two hands, one on top and one on the bottom. There’s a heart being exchanged between the two, showing and sharing sympathy to one another.

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