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Make Your Brain Smarter: Increase Your Brain's Creativity, Energy, and Focus

Make Your Brain Smarter Book by Sandra B. Chapman with light blue background.

Simon & Schuster

Sandra Bond Chapman and Shelly Kirkland

Get Dr. Chapman's bookDiscover why memory is not the most important measure of brain capacity, why IQ is a misleading indicator of brain potential, and why innovative thinking energizes your brain. 


In Make Your Brain Smarter, renowned cognitive neuroscientist Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, introduces you to the very latest research in brain health science – showing you how to create a personalized program tailored to strengthen your brain's capacity to think smarter. In this all-inclusive book, Dr. Sandi Chapman delivers a comprehensive "fitness" plan that you can use to "exercise" your way to a healthier brain. With simple steps and science-based strategies, you can reduce stress and anxiety, increase productivity, enhance decision-making, and strengthen how your brain works at any age. Make Your Brain Smarter is the ultimate guide for keeping your brain fit during each decade of your life.


"After partnering with Dr. Chapman, it was an eye-opener to see how easily brain health can be measured, and how important it is to maintain it at every age. Maximizing our cognitive functioning is attainable and an important step in making good decisions over the entire lifespan." – John Migliaccio, AVP and Director of Research and Gerontology at MetLife Mature Market Institute


"As an athlete, I always knew the importance of training my body for optimal performance. It wasn't until I met Sandi Chapman that I learned that the same is true for my brain. It has eased my concerns about my future health after spending more than ten years in the impact lifestyle of the NFL." – Daryl Johnston, former Dallas Cowboy, NFL commentator, and business leader


"I've had annual physicals for over thirty years, so it made sense to check the top third of the body also. Taking the BrainHealth Index gave me a sense of peace knowing that I had a baseline of my brain function and could measure any issues that arise in the future." – Lyda Hill, Dallas-based philanthropreneur


"SMART tactics truly changed my life. I can't think of any other training I've had that has delivered benefits so quickly and deeply." – Laura Sanford, regional vice president, AT&T

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Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Chief Director Dee Wyly Distinguished Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Co-Leader, The BrainHealth Project

SMART Brain Training

Take a scientific approach to leadership development. Our brains are adaptable and trainable, driven by how we engage every day. In the same way that we can improve our bodies through physical fitness, we can increase our focus, creativity and mental efficiency with targeted strategies and healthy brain habits.

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Three decades of science have shown you can train your brain to work better, faster and last longer. Help advance brain science by joining our landmark study. You are never too old or too young to start. Get on a personalized path and explore your brain’s upward potential – join The BrainHealth Project.

A Novel BrainHealth Index Prototype Improved by Telehealth-Delivered Training During COVID-19

This groundbreaking study examines the potential to revolutionize global health using a holistic, personalized measure of brain fitness (the BrainHealth® Index) in conjunction with SMART™ Brain Training.