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Supporting BrainHealth Solutions for North Texas Youth

A child studies a globe of Earth in a classroom.

Center for BrainHealth

Supporting BrainHealth Solutions for North Texas YouthCenter for BrainHealth, part of The University of Texas at Dallas, raised $56,840 from 63 donors (11 being first-time donors) during North Texas Giving Day. The funds will go toward students and teachers in under-resourced communities around the Dallas area, to train them in brain-healthy practices and strategies that are shown to help people thrive, whatever their individual circumstances. Disruptions in the education system due to the pandemic have left millions of children falling behind, and U.S. students lag more and more behind their peers in other countries*. By itself, our education system may not be adequately preparing students for the changing landscape of the workplace and the need for innovative thinking, problem solving, and emotional intelligence. Better brain health during these crucial early years is vital for a bright future, and Center for BrainHealth brings more than two decades of experience training teachers and students in our proprietary brain training methodology, called SMART™. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Garry Weber and an anonymous donor, the first gifts that totaled $10,000 were matched, dollar for dollar. “We have a responsibility to equip young generations with the best knowledge, tools, and tactics to improve their brain health,” said Garry Weber. “I was happy to provide a challenge matching gift to expand BrainHealth’s solutions for North Texas youth that will better prepare our children for the future.”CONTACT Stephanie Hoefken 972.883.3221 stephanie.hoefken@utdallas.eduABOUT CENTER FOR BRAINHEALTH Center for BrainHealth®, part of The University of Texas at Dallas, is a translational research institute committed to enhancing, preserving, and restoring brain health across the lifespan. Major research areas include the use of functional and structural neuroimaging techniques to better understand the neurobiology supporting cognition and emotion in health and disease. This leading-edge scientific exploration is translated quickly into practical innovations to improve how people think, work and live, empowering people of all ages to unlock their brain potential. Translational innovations build on Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics (SMART™), a proprietary methodology developed and tested by BrainHealth researchers and other teams over three decades. *DeSilver, Drew. “U.S. Students' Academic Achievement Still Lags That of Their Peers in Many Other Countries.” Pew Research Center, Pew Research Center, 21 Aug. 2020, https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/02/15/u-s-students-internationally-math-science/.

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