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Trying New Things

Two young people joyfully explore an ancient temple for the first time.

Center for BrainHealth

How can trying something new enhance your effort?

When you step out of your routine, you gain new perspectives and open the door to new possibilities or solutions.


Trying new things activates dopamine, a brain chemical that makes us feel good. When we learn new things, our brain forms new connections. Breaking out of your normal routine can renew your energy by giving you a fresh perspective and expanding possibilities.


  • Change the location where you study.
  • Consider “interval studying” where you alternate between study periods that demand a lot of brain power and those that are more routine. Be sure to mix in 5-minute breaks to keep your brain battery charged.
  • Explore different study techniques to enhance learning.
  • Find someone new to join you for a coffee break, try an unfamiliar ethnic cuisine, pursue an untapped curiosity by joining a club with that focus. The possibilities are endless....

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