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In-Person: BrainHealth Presents

Sandi Chapman, PhD, meeting with renowned researchers Dr. Jeff Cummings and Dr. Kate Zhong.

2024 Speakers

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Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman speaking with Dr. Tom Insel during 2023 BrainHealth Week, BrainHealth Presents
We are celebrating our milestone 25th Anniversary this year! BrainHealth Presents features top brain scientists, authors, inventors and futurists for conversations about the latest advances in science, technology and real-world applications to inspire better brain health.
Most 2024 talks will be both in person and live-streamed. Join us at Center for BrainHealth in Dallas, Texas, if you are in the area.
If you would like to attend virtually, register here.
  • Enjoy ample, free parking
  • Attend reception starting at 6:15pm with light bites and beverages. Talk starts at 7pm.
  • Participate in a live audience Q&A
  • Engage with a like-minded, brain-healthy community
  • Receive access to event recordings (only available to registrants)
For more information, contact brainhealthevents@utdallas.edu or visit our events FAQs.

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2024 In-Person Speaker Lineup

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