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Think Ahead Group

Think Ahead.

Center for BrainHealth® created the Think Ahead Group (TAG™) to engage a new generation in the greatest scientific initiative of the 21st century — unlocking the mysteries of the human mind.

Help make it happen.

Members of TAG are on the cusp of something huge, something life-affirming, something discovery-driven — increasing knowledge about brain health in order to prevent avoidable decline.

TAG Young Professionals Get Proactive About BrainHealth

Since 2009, TAG has raised more than $320,000 to support translating Center for BrainHealth’s cutting-edge research into life-changing strategies and technologies, helping people leverage the brain’s adaptability in the face of challenges, including autism, chemo brain, depression, traumatic brain injury, chronic stress and Alzheimer’s.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Serving on the TAG advisory board is a great opportunity to build relationships while lending your expertise, network, time and resources to an important cause.

  • Educational events and lectures

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Social events

For more information about the Think Ahead Group at Center for BrainHealth, contact Katelyn O’Donel at katelyn.odonel@utdallas.edu or 972.883.3382.

How Fit Can Your Brain Get?

Three decades of BrainHealth science have shown that you can train your brain to work better, faster and last longer.

Are you curious how?

Check out The BrainHealth Project.