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Standing in order from left to right are Charlie Branch, Sarah Branch, Sylvia Branch, and Dan and Stacey Branch at the 2023 Branch Award ceremony.

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Center for BrainHealth Celebrated Holiday Reception and Branch Award Despite Chilly Weather

Center for BrainHealth combined its 2022 annual holiday reception with a special celebration of the year's Charles L. Branch BrainHealth Award, pioneering neuroscientist Dr. Brenda Milner, with a mixed purpose event held at the Dallas Arboretum’s Alex Camp House on December 8.

2018 Legacy Award Dinner honoring Admiral (ret.) William H. McRaven.

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Hillwood’s Todd Platt To Receive Center For BrainHealth’s 2023 Legacy Award

Todd Platt, CEO of Hillwood Investment Properties, a Perot Company, will be honored as Center for BrainHealth's 2023 Legacy Award recipient during a special dinner at the Dallas Country Club. Sarah and Ross Perot Jr. will join the event as honorary co-chairs, celebrating Todd's longstanding advocacy for the center's translational research.

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A teacher spots a student texting in class.

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Digital Parenting: The Effect of Cell Phones in Schools

How can parents and educators balance the need to stay connected with the real distractions smartphones can create in schools? Dr. Lori Cook discusses this topic with with WFAA Daybreak, sharing why the brain becomes distracted and how to take proactive steps to support students.

WFAA Daybreak
Diverse group of children playing on smartphones, reading, on social networks

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How Social Media Can Impact Your Child's Brain – and What You Can Do

Dr. Julie Fratantoni spoke with WFAA Daybreak about the impact of social media on the developing brain, and the incredible neuroplasticity that allows children to "rewire" their cognitive processes through intentional, brain-healthy habits.

WFAA Daybreak
2022 Friends of BrainHealth Winners and Finalists: Stephen Campbell, Patricia Monique Sanchez, Amy Berglund-Barraza, Kristen Platt, Pariya Zaro, Jehong Kim

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Young Scientists Pitched Their Programs at "Shark Tank”-Style Luncheon

Center for BrainHealth makes scientific discovery more fun with the annual Friends of BrainHealth Scientist Selection Luncheon. The 2022 event awarded four emerging scientists with funding for novel brain health studies and also marked a new record in annual giving for this donor circle.

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Group of people holding hands together, arms raised to the sky, freedom, friendship and unity concept.

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Our Common Values

In this op-ed, neuroscientist Dan Krawczyk delves into the science of human values, exploring the core set of ten values identified by social psychologist Shalom H. Schwartz. Research suggests that approaching disagreement by identifying common ground can strengthen interpersonal relationships, as well as challenge patterns of either/or thinking.

Indian office worker in wheelchair having a cheerful discussion with colleagues in a bright, creative office workspace.

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Can We Design for Happiness?

Rather than taking an "office cubicle" approach to designing an efficient workplace, the BrainHealthy Workplace program looks for ways to merge individual and organizational happiness, building upon the interconnectedness of health, social engagement and personal contentment.


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Good Sleep and Good Friends Are Good for Your Brain. UT Dallas’ New Project Will Prove It

As part of The BrainHealth Project, Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas is leveraging MRI technology provided by the Sammons BrainHealth Imaging Center to map brain health over time and identify neural markers that indicate brain improvement.

Two young professional men are having seated and smiling, having a conversation while other adults work in the background.

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Brain Health, Neuroplasticity and Productivity Boosting

Julie Fratantoni, PhD, discusses how low toxic living can boost your brain health in episode 23 of the Lifelong podcast. Topics include breathing techniques, habit formation, and how to leverage behavioral science to increase focus and productivity.

Holistic With Heidi
Businesswoman sitting in her brightly-lit office and working on paperwork at her desk.

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Brain Health and Peak Performance in the Workplace

HKS Research shares preliminary findings from an ongoing partner study with Center for BrainHealth, indicating that chronic multi-tasking causes distracted, shallow thinking, making individuals more prone to error, brain atrophy and chronic stress.


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How to Change Your Mind So You Can Change Your Body

BrainHealth speaker Selena Bartlett, PhD, joins Krys Boyd, host of KERA Think, to share highlights from her book Smashing Mindset: Train Your Brain to Reboot, Recharge and Reinvent Your Life.

KERA Think
Lyda Hill headshot for BrainHealth Board webpage

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Lyda Hill Receives Medal of Philanthropy

Lyda Hill, accomplished businesswoman, philanthropist and BrainHealth donor, has been honored with a Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy for her dedication to science and supporting communities.

Carnegie Corporation of New York
Sandi Chapman at the brain table, photo credit Trevor Paul.

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Make Your Brain SMARTER: An Interview With Dr. Sandra Chapman

Selena Bartlett meets with Sandi Chapman, and the neuroscientists discuss the future of brain health, the origins of Center for BrainHealth, and stories of brain's miraculous potential to restore itself after injury or disease.

Thriving Minds
Blurred business people walking through a modern, minimalist building.

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HKS and Center for BrainHealth Launch BrainHealthy Workplace Partnership

The architectural firm expects the collaboration with Center for BrainHealth will inform their flexible workplace policies while empowering employees to boost collaboration and innovation through brain-healthy practices.

Building Design + Construction
A happy father helping his smiling, helmeted child ride a bike.

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Three Simple Rules to Raise Kind Kids

Kindness training, like an intervention delivered in the recent BrainHealth pilot study Kind Minds with Moozie, has been shown to be effective in helping parents implement effective and actionable habits for boosting kindness in daily life.