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A happy businesswoman in an office meeting with her male co-workers. Woman.

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Closing the Brain Health Gap: Addressing Women’s Inequalities

There is a clear sex and gender gap in outcomes for brain health disorders across the lifespan, with strikingly negative outcomes for women.

Oxford University Press

Bonnie Pitman w/ multicolored scarf in front of blue, green lights, horizontal. Director Art-Brain Innovations, Center for BrainHealthDistinguished, Scholar in Residence for The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History (EODIAH)

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Chronic Illness Cost This Former Dallas Museum Director Her Career. Embracing Novelty Gave Her New Life.

Working with UT-Dallas’s Center for BrainHealth, Bonnie Pitman uses her expertise in art to help both physicians and people living with debilitating conditions.

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Freeman Teams Up with The Center for BrainHealth to Help Improve Employee Wellbeing, Address Covid Stressors

With so many people across the world facing a plethora of mental and emotional challenges, we’ve come to understand in no uncertain terms how stress can negatively impact our performance, both personally and professionally.

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UT Dallas Embarks on Study to Help Boost Brain Power

Did you know it’s possible to boost your brain power?

Man thinking with data visualizations

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3 Incredible Breakthroughs That Are Transforming Our Understanding of the Brain

Scientists have made great strides in understanding the organ’s complexities.

Three happy women smiling

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Improve Your Focus at Any Age

The brain has a lifelong ability to improve. It’s time to reject the notion that it is “normal” for brain performance to decline with age.

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Curiosity Is Key for Keeping Your Memory in Top Shape as You Age—Here Are 4 Exercises That Are Better Than Brain Games

Tired of puzzles? Here are 4 other memory-boosting exercises for the brain, with options for every age.


Angry little kids fighting over a remote control while watching TV on the sofa at home.

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Are Your Kids Fighting More During the Pandemic? You’re Not Alone.

But helping them navigate sibling conflict can have positive effects long after lockdowns are over.

National Geographic

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The New Hybrid Work Model Will Require Hybrid Skills

Resilience, empathy and creativity are the key human skills of our hybrid world.

Thrive Global

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Four Emerging Technologies with the Potential to Improve MS Treatment Options

From focused ultrasound to electronic autoinjectors, we take a look at four innovations and technologies that could improve future MS treatment options

Learning NS Medical Devices.

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Center for BrainHealth Researchers Create Virtual Reality Cognitive Assessment

Center for BrainHealth

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Feed Your Brain: Tips for Better Brain Health

There are steps we can take today to protect against later age-related cognitive decline.

A Women's Health

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The Last Word: Digital Decision Making and Safety in the COVID World

Today’s Geriatric Medicine

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Boosting Global Confidence amid COVID-19


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