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Amy Kruse, PhD

General Partner & Chief Investment Officer Satori Neuro

Dr. Amy Kruse leverages her decades of experience as a neuroscientist, prior work in government and a network of key relationships to discover transformational companies addressing the largest mental health, brain health and wellness challenges and opportunities. She draws on her expertise to support portfolio companies as they evaluate and overcome scientific and implementation challenges, with a specific emphasis on deploying complex technology in the real world.
She previously served as the CSO of Optios, VP and CTO of Cubic Global Defense, and as a civilian program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), creating their first performance-oriented neuroscience programs.
Dr. Kruse collaborates with the Capital Factory in Texas, BrainMind ecosystem, OneMind Accelerator and serves on an oversight committee for NIH Blueprint MedTech. She is a frequent contributor to defense panels and advisory boards for organizations including DARPA, the National Academies, and the Defense Science Board. She is also the author of numerous scientific papers, chapters and articles, as well as on the boards of several Prime Movers Lab and Satori Neuro and portfolio companies.
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