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Harris Eyre, PhD

Senior Fellow Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Senior Fellow, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.
Harris Eyre, MD, PhD, works across universities, think tanks, and the private sector as an entrepreneur dedicated to creating awareness, knowledge, skills, and leadership for the brain economy. A Senior Fellow at Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, Dr. Eyre is also an advisor to the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association and the online well-being service Kooth.
His goal is to achieve flourishing economic and national security for communities. He and his colleagues are advancing a global Brain Capital strategy aimed at influencing policy domains, investment planning and the formation of a new venture capital fund. In the brain economy, Brain Capital is paramount to social, emotional and cognitive brain resources. Transitioning to the brain economy is now an acute issue given the advances in neuroscience, the rise of advanced generative AI models that strain our brains, and accelerating societal challenges that stress our brains.   
Dr. Eyre is an alumnus of the Forbes 30 Under 30 and the Fulbright Scholar program and an awardee of the EB1A Green Card, an honor typically reserved for Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners. He has authored 200+ papers and was the lead editor of the book Convergence Mental Health (Oxford Press).
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