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Liz Feld

Chief Executive Officer RADical Hope

Liz Feld, Chief Executive Officer RADical Hope.
Liz Feld is CEO of RADical Hope, a non-profit foundation committed to measurably improving the brain health of our country’s young people through its core mission priorities of connectivity, engagement, emotional intelligence and empowerment. She has appeared on national and local television networks and authored editorial pieces on public policy issues and politics.
Since 2016, Feld has served as president of The Suzanne Wright Foundation, founded in honor of the late Suzanne Wright who died of pancreatic cancer. The organization advocates for a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA), modeled after DARPA, the gold standard for innovation. HARPA works to turn scientific research into lifesaving products for patients by leveraging federal research assets and private sector tools to drive medical breakthroughs for diseases that have not benefited from the current system.
From 2012 to 2016, Feld was President of Autism Speaks, a major autism science and advocacy organization. She has also worked as the director of news information at ABC News, senior VP of communications at Nickelodeon, and in the Reagan White House, first as a public affairs specialist and then as a press officer for then-VP George H. W. Bush.
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