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A young female student is studying while looking at her laptop. Youth. Child. Kid.


Virtual Training Helps Underserved Middle Schoolers Hone Social Skills

Recent research from the Center for BrainHealth® at UT Dallas demonstrates the power of combining Charisma™, a virtual platform, with live coaching to help students enhance their social skills and confidence in a low-risk environment.

Frontiers in Education

Author: Ian Robertson
Hardcover IBSN: 978-1787633711
Publication date: 3 June 2021
Page count: 304


How Confidence Works: The New Science of Self-Belief, Why Some People Learn It and Others Don't

Dr. Ian Robertson explores the mechanisms behind confidence that have emerged in science and neuroscience and explains how confidence can be improved.

Smiling hispanic boy in red hoodie sweater at school.


Improving Classroom Communication: The Effects of Virtual Social Training on Communication and Assertion Skills in Middle School Students

Socially at-risk students showed significant improvement in their social skills after they underwent virtual training.

Frontiers in Education


Autonomous Learning of New Environments with a Robotic Team Employing Hyper-Spectral Remote Sensing

An autonomous robotic team can learn the characteristics of environments faster than ever before.


A young female student is studying while looking at her laptop. Youth. Child. Kid.


New Hope for Executive Function and Reasoning Remediation in Children with ADHD: Strategic Memory and Reasoning Training (SMART)

Teaching children with ADHD specific metacognitive strategies has the potential to improve strategic learning and executive function.

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Happy woman wearing headphones working on laptop. IStockID# 1218223744.


A Novel BrainHealth Index Prototype Improved by Telehealth-Delivered Training During COVID-19

This groundbreaking study establishes a holistic, personalized measure of brain fitness (the BrainHealth® Index) and training protocols with the potential to revolutionize global health.

Frontiers in Public Health

A young male soldier sits in front of a laptop with an American flag behind him. Military. First responder.


Efficacy of Cognitive Training When Translated from the Laboratory to the Real World

This article presents preliminary evidence on the efficacy of SMART™ training when it is administered over a condensed time frame.

Military Medicine

EEG Electrical simulation and measure; Man in EEG headset


The Peripheral Effect of Direct Current Stimulation on Brain Circuits Involving Memory

Activation of the noradrenergic pathway to the hippocampus modifies functional connectivity, supporting the consolidation of a memory event.

Science Advances

A man's silhouette stands in a huge study and a computer code unfolds in front of him. IStockID# 949716854.


A Brain Capital Grand Strategy: Toward Economic Reimagination

Brain capital is a key component in shaping economic resilience, linked to our digitalized, globalized, complex, and interconnected yet fragile global economy. The time is now to catalyze a Grand Strategy for Brain Capital.

Molecular Psychiatry

A diverse group of adults smiling into the camera.


Relationship of Parieto-Occipital Brain Energy Phosphate Metabolism and Cognition Using 31P MRS at 7-Tesla in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment

This study examines potential for brain energy metabolism to be utilized as a cognitive measure for mild cognitive impairment.

Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

Young asian with high fever coughing and taking a medicine in the bed.


Enhancing Patient Understanding of Medication Risks and Benefits

A gist reasoning program may help to enhance informed decision-making among patients with limited information regarding their treatment options.

Arthritis Care & Research

A diverse group of youths/children smiling into the camera.


Rhythm and Syntax Processing in School-Age Children

Children with good rhythm skills understood grammatically complex sentences better than children with poor rhythm skills.

Developmental Psychology

The Charisma game displayed on a laptop


Charisma: A Virtual Reality Training to Promote Social BrainHealth in Adults

This game-based platform with a clinician-led strategy training protocol helps adults navigate the socially complex interactions they face every day.

Happy Caucasian family with focus on elderly man smiling, looking at the camera. Older. White.


Baseline Cerebral Metabolism Predicts Fatigue and Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Individuals with multiple sclerosis have lower brain oxygen metabolism; a measurement shown to be predictive of fatigue and cognitive dysfunction.

Neuroimage: Clinical

Young black girl working on her homework at home typing information on a laptop computer, side view against a bright sun glow. IStockID#: 497094092.


A SMART Approach for Enhancing Higher-Order Cognitive Functioning Following Sports and Recreation-related Mild TBI in Youth Using Telepractice

SMART™ tactics can remediate higher-order cognitive processes following mild traumatic brain injury and help prevent negative, long-lasting impacts.

Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups