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Advancing Measures

Over the shoulder shot of Sergey (left) and Jason (right) in the MRI command center

Identifying, Defining and Validating Brain Health Measures

Sensitive measures of the multidimensional aspects of brain health are rapidly emerging but until now had not been standardized. It is critical to establish widely accepted “brain health vitals” to measure and track the healthy brain – similar to heart health, for which we measure blood pressure, resting heart rate and cholesterol.
Our research is focused on exploring the components of brain health, how they relate to each other across domains, and how to track change and improvement through a set of quantifiable and predictive measures.
The BrainHealth® Index (BHI), which is based on a multidimensional definition of brain health and its upward potential, is a composite derived from a series of best-in-class assessments that explore multiple aspects of an individual’s cognitive capacity, as well as their sense of well-being, quality of social interactions and complexity of daily routines. The result is a personalized score that becomes an individual’s baseline, and that in theory has no upper limit. The BrainHealth Index was developed to deliver a comprehensive snapshot of brain health and performance levels at an individual level, and provides the ability to make meaningful, measurable improvements that can translate into greater quality of life no matter the starting point.

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