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Warriors and Protectors

Silhouette of a soldier overlooking the cloudy horizon.

High Performance

Under High Pressure

Active duty and veteran warriors, law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel can face challenges related to the high-pressure, intense nature of their professions, including how to transition to their time off.
We train warriors, first responders and their spouses on managing responses to stress, building resilience and emotional self-regulation, improving cognitive performance, and boosting well-being – using our Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics (SMART™) brain training.

Facing HIgh-Pressure Challenges

Habits to Enhance Well-Being

Since 2014, Center for BrainHealth has delivered SMART Brain Training to more than 6,000 active service members, first responders, veterans and their spouses.
As a service member Jonique Young wears many different hats. In this video, she shares how her performance in roles for the Air Force Reserve and National Guard benefit from brain-healthy habits that help manage stress, minimize multitasking and build better brain health.

Tools for Better Decision-Making

The Rockwall Police Department has taken a unique approach to public safety by adopting SMART Brain Training. Officers and civilian supervisors trained with BrainHealth clinicians in ways to enhance reasoning and decision-making during critical, high-stress moments.
"It’s unlike any police training ... It isn’t focused on policing. It is focused on the brain." – Max Geron, Rockwall Chief of Police
See the press release and the full story on NBC5-TV

Strategies to Support Recovery

SMART has demonstrated significant gains in complex reasoning and strategic attention and has been especially helpful for those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
In a clinical trial, 43% of participants experienced a reduction in stress-related symptoms and 58% saw a reduction in depressive symptoms.
After being diagnosed with a TBI, service member Jake Schick struggled with post-traumatic stress, anxiety and other brain health challenges. In this video, he describes how SMART Brain Training helped him take control of his own brain brain health and recovery.

Partnerships: The Catalyst to Community Impact

Caruth Police Institute (CPI) officers graduating from SMART Brain Training as part of their professional development.
Through partnerships with active duty military, veterans, law enforcement and fire departments, we have successfully delivered SMART strategies to a wide range of first responders, including special operations units and people who have experienced an injury.
  • Military and veteran groups
  • Law enforcement departments
  • Athletic teams
  • Community groups
  • University and college faculty
  • Executive leadership teams
  • Corporate departments
  • City managers' offices
  • Nonprofit teams
Individuals can access SMART Brain Training by joining The BrainHealth Project.

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