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Alzheimer's Discovery Program

Unlocking Potential in Spite of a Diagnosis

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Alzheimer's Discovery™ has helped hundreds of families forge a positive path after an early-stage diagnosis – by pushing pause, setting a plan and moving forward with intention.
We are now enrolling participants for an online research study. This 4-month study is for individuals with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or other dementia AND a care partner. You will learn about how to promote brain health in Alzheimer’s via video training, testimonials from families, and online peer-to-peer discussions.
If you are ready to see if the study is a good fit for you and your family member, just click on the “Interest Form” and complete a few questions.  
Read more about this study, or contact Audette Rackley at 972.883.3405 with questions.

Join a Brain Health Study

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On His Father's Diagnosis of Alzheimer's

Young adults face unique challenges when a close family member is diagnosed.
Sam was in college, with a younger brother still in high school, when their father received a diagnosis. His story shows how love, understanding and support can help families grow closer and stronger while they savor each day together. Click on his picture to hear about his experience.
Mature father in his seventies smiling at the camera with his caregiver or daughter.


To Living With a Diagnosis

Our approach is unique and empowering because we ...
  • Target families soon after a diagnosis
  • Focus on potential rather than loss
  • Communicate strategies that enhance quality of life
  • Care for both the diagnosed and the care partner
  • Discuss challenges in terms of brain health

Featured Research

The Center for BrainHealth® is a research center focused on cognitive neuroscience. We are not medical, and our events, programs and content should not be construed as offering medical advice. For medical issues, please contact your doctor.

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