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6 Habits of Highly Healthy Brains

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Thomas Oppong


This article summarizes some of the most important habits for maintaining a healthy brain. Brain-boosting foods like blueberries, leafy greens, whole grains, fish, legumes, and healthy unsaturated fats are essential to improving cognitive function and protecting the brain. Chronic stress can damage the brain, so finding moments of calm and relaxation, such as meditation, is essential. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your brain and body, as it stimulates the release of BDNF, which is necessary for repairing and creating brain connections. Engaging in mentally stimulating activities and lifelong learning can help create new brain connections and cognitive reserve. Meaningful social connections can make us happier and improve brain function, as they require complex skills like attention, memory, thinking, speech, and social awareness.Read full story on Thrive

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Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Chief Director Dee Wyly Distinguished Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Co-Leader, The BrainHealth Project


Student-Led Global BrainHealth and Wellness Initiative Launches, Powered by Center for BrainHealth

Three innovative undergraduates launched a student-led organization at The University of Texas at Dallas to promote a peer-to-peer, proactive, and preventative approach to brain health.