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A Half-Century of Giving Transforms UT Dallas

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UT Dallas Magazine


Established in 1961 by the founders of Texas Instruments, The University of Texas at Dallas was donated to the state of Texas in 1969, becoming part of the UT System. Generous donations from philanthropists and business leaders have transformed UT Dallas into a top-tier research institution. In the 1970s, UTD received 275 acres of land, and in the 1980s, $24 million was raised to establish an engineering school. In the 1990s, a fundraising effort raised $3 million for UT Dallas's transition to a four-year university. Margaret McDermott donated $32 million in 2000 to establish the Eugene McDermott Scholars Program, and Texas Instruments began a $300 million economic development project in 2004. In the 2010s, Margaret McDermott donated $50 million to the Campus Landscape Enhancement project, and Naveen Jindal donated $30 million to the School of Management. Other donations included $5 million to expand the Callier Center, $273.3 million for the Realize the Vision campaign, and $17 million to create the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History. Margaret McDermott donated $25 million in 2016 for the construction of new buildings.Read the full story in UT Dallas Magazine

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