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Collaborating to Advocate for Better Brain Health

A diverse group of adults standing outdoors with their backs to the viewer and their arms around each other's shoulders.

American Brain Coalition

Katie Sale

In this podcast episode of Advocacy Champions: Voices for the Brain, Dr. Sandra Chapman, chief director at Center for BrainHealth, joins Dr. Chantelle Ferland-Beckham of the American Brain Coalition to highlight ways individuals and communities can create continuum of brain health across the lifespan.Dr. Chapman advocates for ongoing, collaborative efforts to raise awareness of brain health in communities. She also shares insights into the concept of brainomics, which describes the high economic benefit of sustaining brain health for communities. Part of the necessary process is removing the stigma connected to cognitive health so that people can see themselves as agents of change. To help raise awareness of how people can exert control over their own brain health, the center is having their first BrainHealth Week in February 2023, marking the start of an annual happening featuring five days of events focused on overall brain fitness. This approach to brain health emphasizes proactive behaviors, rather than just identifying and treating disease or injury after it occurs.


"Awareness is how people are going to realize, 'I don't have to just think about my brain in injury and disease. I can move left of boom' – which is a military term that means to move before some type of trauma happens, to do everything to build resilience and reserves."– Dr. Sandra Chapman, chief director at Center for BrainHealth
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Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Chief Director Dee Wyly Distinguished Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Co-Leader, The BrainHealth Project