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Art, Creativity & Brain Health

Art curator Sarah Schleuning is the guest for episode 3 of Office Hours.

Office Hours features unscripted conversations between BrainHealth cognitive neuroscientists Dr. Julie Fratantoni and Dr. Dan Krawczyk and guests, including Q&A from a live audience.

A Conversation About Art, Creativity & Brain Health

Episode 3 explores how art can broaden your experiences and enhance your well-being in an inspiring talk with Sarah Schleuning, the Margot B. Perot Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Design at the Dallas Museum of Art.

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Julie Fratantoni, PhD, CCC-SLP

Head of Research Integration and Partnerships Center for BrainHealth

Daniel Krawczyk, PhD

Deputy Director of Research Debbie and Jim Francis Chair and Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Motivation, Work Ethic & Brain Health

Hear former NFL player and Navy Seal Clint Bruce outline approaches for cultivating purpose and connection within high-functioning communities.

Focus on the Arts: This is Your Brain on Music

Why does Vivaldi nourish Bonnie Pitman's brain? The former Dallas Museum of Art director chats with WRR about the impact of music, art and BrainHealth Week to engage "the playful brain, the intellectual brain, the artistic brain."