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Brain Health, Neuroplasticity and Productivity Boosting

Two young professional men are having seated and smiling, having a conversation while other adults work in the background.

Holistic With Heidi

Heidi Kuimjian


In episode 23 of the Lifelong podcast, Dr. Julie Fratantoni, cognitive scientist and head of operations for The BrainHealth Project, joins host Heidi Kuimjian to discuss how low toxic living can boost your brain health. Topics include the physiological effects of several different breathing techniques, how to use the brain's reward network to improve formation of good habits, and other strategies for leveraging behavioral science and mindfulness to increase focus and productivity. The BrainHealth Project teaches strategies to improve brain health and performance by incorporating practical, science-backed habits into everyday life to increase wellness.


"The brain that you have is the brain that you've built based on how you've used it everyday. The good news about that is that you can change it."
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