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Break to Boost Innovation

A young Black woman enjoys the tranquility of a brain break outdoors.

What can you gain from a 5-minute brain break?

Make your brain's downtime a priority. Step away from all activities and take 5 minutes to clear your mind.


Spending too much time focused on work induces fatigue and distraction and reduces overall productivity, but taking just a few minutes to disengage throughout the day helps to boost inspired, innovative thinking.


  • Find a space that helps you clear your mind. Look for ways to practice agility when this is a challenge, like seeking a reprieve in a stairwell or quiet corner.
  • Reduce your cognitive load with silence. During travels, try turning off the radio and enjoying silent time.
  • Get up and move your body. Try low-stress walks or simple stretches to release tension and calm your mind.
  • Remind yourself. Try a timer or time management app to encourage positive habit formation.

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