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Broaden Your Perspective by Reading

Two young children sit on a yellow ledge, reading a large book together in a yellow library setting.

How can reading foster higher-level thinking?

Exposure to a wide range of reading materials can reveal novel points of view and a new lens for viewing the world, helping inspire and practice new ways of thinking in your daily life.


Reading helps exercise multiple brain regions, including the temporal lobe and other areas linked to speech, language and comprehension. Reflecting on new ideas found in different forms of literature challenges status quo thinking and strengthens the capacity for innovation.


  • Borrow a variety of materials from your local library.
  • Join a book club to discuss and discover new readings.
  • Read something thoughtful each day, like a news article or part of an audio book.
  • Challenge yourself to try new genres, like nonfiction, historical fiction, science fiction, etc.

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