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Can We Design for Happiness?

Indian office worker in wheelchair having a cheerful discussion with colleagues in a bright, creative office workspace.


Elissaveta M. Brandon

The pandemic has revived one of the oldest questions in architecture and design.


Rather than taking an "office cubicle" approach to designing an efficient workplace, the BrainHealthy Workplace looks for ways to merge individual and organizational happiness.


“The cubicle was probably [about] looking into the happiness of an organization, which could equal financial performance. But did that really equal happiness for everyone? Now with the pandemic, we’re getting back into understanding what’s the meaning and purpose behind our individual happiness within an organization.”Susan Chung, senior research program manager at HKS
In Greek history, eudaimonia describes the interconnectedness of health, social engagement and personal contentment. In 2022, international design firm HKS began a bold course to manifest this holistic sense of well-being in the workplace by partnering with Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas.Since then, the BrainHealthy Workplace has served 200 HKS employees with online training, personal support and daily strategies designed to optimize brain health and performance. The program targets actionable practices for balancing lifestyle, approaching work-related challenges and innovating new ideas and solutions. Read the full story at MetropolisAnd on page 122 of their full digital publication

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BrainHealthy Workplace

Agility and adaptability are the name of the game. Our comprehensive and customized solutions provide education and practical tools to enhance brain health and performance personally and professionally. Keep frustration and burnout at bay. Boost efficiency, productivity and performance.

HKS and Center for BrainHealth Launch BrainHealthy Workplace Partnership

The architectural firm expects the collaboration with Center for BrainHealth will inform their flexible workplace policies while empowering employees to boost collaboration and innovation through brain-healthy practices.