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Celebrating Donors: The Folsom Family

Center for BrainHealth

The legacy of businessman and former Dallas Mayor Robert Folsom continues today through his family’s generous commitment to the community, and to a very personal cause. “Soon after my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I heard Dr. Chapman speak and decided to take my dad to the Center,” said Diane Folsom Frank. “Since then, my brother, sister and I have been extremely involved.” The family’s support includes a capital gift, funding a training room at the new Brain Performance Institute. It is a space in which brain health can touch the community through the Discovery Group – a program for people recently diagnosed with dementia and support for family members, friends and caregivers. “I was so impressed with the brain health classes, and what they’re doing for our service members. It’s important to work for both individual health and the health of our country,” said Ms. Frank. “Learning what’s going on makes you even more willing to help.” She says her family is optimistic the work at the Center will add substantially to knowledge and advancement of brain health. Speaking on behalf of her siblings, Debbie Jarma and Steve Folsom, Ms. Frank talked about the relationship between donors and the science they support. “There is a genuine excitement in partnering in an area of science that constantly produces new insights,” she said. “Then getting to see the application of the research in training and healing is wonderful.” Hoping that someday no family will have to face the pain and challenges associated with watching a loved one struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, the family remains committed to furthering their father’s generous legacy. “We love the Center and will continue to support it,” Ms. Frank said. “It’s so important to us.”

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