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Legacy Award

2018 Legacy Award Dinner honoring Admiral (ret.) William H. McRaven.

Unwavering Passion and Dedication for Brain Health

Since 2006, the Legacy Award has recognized individuals whose unwavering passion and dedication enable the Center for BrainHealth® to generate a sustainable impact on brain health in Dallas and beyond.

As BrainHealth's highest non-science honor, the prize symbolizes the lasting mark left by the recipient’s pioneering spirit and enduring vision. These individuals have made momentous contributions to groundbreaking research and interventions, their steadfast determination energizing the center’s mission to protect and heal the brain throughout the lifespan. This distinguished cadre share a vision of future generations empowered to prioritize brain health, and they have championed countless individuals in realizing their brain potential.

Introducing the 2022 honoree: Tom Leppert

Dr. Geoff Ling – neurology professor at Johns Hopkins, past DARPA doctor, and Jean Ann Brock co-leader of The BrainHealth Project – introduces the 2022 Legacy honoree, the Hon. Thomas C. Leppert.

Award Recipients

A headshot of Todd Platt wearing a dark suit against a light gray backdrop.

2023: Todd Platt

Todd Platt embraces the impact brain health has on every individual and every aspect life. He serves as CEO of Hillwood Investment Properties, a Perot Company. A long-time BrainHealth Advisory Board member and co-leader for the BrainHealth Limitless campaign, Todd actively supports local and national nonprofit organizations, numerous military causes and other patriotic philanthropy, including the Military Service Initiative Board of the Bush Center.

Thomas C. Leppert, Legacy Award recipient 2022

2022: Tom Leppert

Thomas C. Leppert, businessman and former mayor of Dallas, has led visionary movements in education, manufacturing and public service ethics. As co-leader of The BrainHealth Project, Leppert has drawn attention to the role of brain health in a thriving economy, propelling an innovative shift in thinking. Through equitable health resources, societies can build brain capital, amplifying human progress and overall well-being.

Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge, Legacy Award recipients 2021

2021: Emy Lou & Jerry Baldridge

Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge view brain health as one of life’s greatest treasures. The pair have poured their hearts into championing children’s causes and inspiring others to maximize their brain’s potential. As long-term supporters of BrainHealth research and programming, the Baldridges have proven instrumental to the growth of the center and realization of translational programming through their steadfast support.

Linda and Joel Robuck, Legacy Award recipients 2020

2020: Linda & Joel Robuck

Linda and Joel Robuck have contributed countless hours to advocating for BrainHealth research and programming. The pair have championed the center’s Adolescent Reasoning Initiative™, which prepares middle and high school teachers to provide cognitive training to countless at-risk students, helping young people improve how they think and learn through integrated reasoning, problem solving and innovation.

Georgeann and William McRaven, Legacy Award recipients 2018

2018: Georgeann & William McRaven

Georgeann and Adm. (Ret.) William McRaven, former Chancellor of The University of Texas System, have shaped the vision and growth of The BrainHealth Project, an international, multi-year research collaboration led by Center for BrainHealth. The pair also agreed to serve as national spokespersons for the public launch of the Project, helping ignite a movement – scientific and popular – focused on rewiring the brain.

Margaret-McDermott, Legacy Award recipient 2017

2017: Margaret McDermott

Margaret McDermott, iconic Dallas philanthropist, had a special appreciation for UT Dallas. Her husband Eugene served as one of UTD's founders in 1969, and Margaret remained devoted to the school throughout her life. At the delivery of her Center for BrainHealth Legacy Award, UTD Executive Vice President Dr. Hobson Wildenthal referred to McDermott as a "chief executive of a major enterprise of doing wonderful things."

Dan Branch, Legacy Award recipient 2016

2016: Dan Branch

Dan Branch, former Texas state representative, authored landmark legislation to encourage private giving to emerging research universities. Rep. Branch wrote and helped pass House Bill 51, the “Tier One universities” law, which has boosted gifts to eligible public universities, including BrainHealth research. President of UT Dallas Dr. Richard Benson has lauded “the tremendous impact Dan Branch has made on education in Texas.”

Clint Bruce, Legacy Award recipient 2015

2015: Clint Bruce

Clint Bruce was inspired to write a letter after his first visit to Center for BrainHealth in 2011. His sentiments moved the organization to reach out to veteran communities and reinforce its presence among veterans and first responders. The former Navy SEAL joined the center's Advisory Board and has worked to help expand the reach and vision of the center’s warrior initiatives and high performance brain training.

Lyda Hill, Legacy Awards recipient 2014

2014: Lyda Hill

Lyda Hill helped activate the Warrior Training Team, filling a gap in support for veterans transitioning from military to civilian life. After her nephew asked for support in addressing the unseen injuries of war, Hill gifted Center for BrainHealth $2 million to extend programming to serve veterans and their families through mobile delivery units. These stress-inoculating and brain health building programs proved transformative.

Jane and Bud Smith, Legacy Award recipients 2013

2013: Jane & Bud Smith

Jane and Henry J. (Bud) Smith have propelled the BrainHealth’s vision throughout Dallas and beyond. By endowing the Jane and Bud Smith Chair at the Center for BrainHealth, the Smiths have helped strengthen the center’s ongoing research and establish a foundation for making worldwide brain health a reality. First Couple Laura and George Bush joined the event via video to congratulate them for their “generous heart and pioneering spirit.”

Daryl Johnston and Lee Roy Jordan, Legacy Award recipients 2012

2012: Daryl Johnston & Lee Roy Jordan

Daryl “Moose” Johnston and Lee Roy Jordan created a movement among professional athletes to harness the upward potential for brain health across the lifespan. The former Dallas Cowboys have encouraged others to use BrainHealth strategies to maximize cognitive potential. Founder and chief director Dr. Sandra B. Chapman has credited the pair with bringing hope and recovery to many who experience concussions.

Dee Wyly, Legacy Award recipient 2011

2011: Dee Wyly

Dee Wyly became involved with Center for BrainHealth to help make cutting-edge brain research a reality in Dallas. In 2004, Dee and Charles Wyly endowed the $2 million Dee Wyly Distinguished Chair at the center, currently held by founder and chief director Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, who finds enduring inspiration in Wyly’s determination and vision: “Holding the Dee Wyly Distinguished Chair inspires me every single day.”

James Huffines, Legacy Award recipient 2010

2010: James Huffines

James Huffines, former UT System regent, has dedicated his life to nurturing excellence. A champion of several developing BrainHealth programs, Huffines noted that the center and UT Dallas serve as true examples of how teamwork and vision can create sustainable improvements in people’s lives. Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, chancellor of the UT System, presented the award to Huffines as a symbol of his “true generosity” of spirit.

T. Boone Pickens, Legacy Award recipient 2009

2009: T. Boone Pickens

T. Boone Pickens became interested in brain health following his mother’s death from a brain tumor. Pickens provided instrumental support throughout the center’s growth, describing his generosity to BrainHealth as an investment in quality of life for generations to come. A proponent of wind power and alternative energy, Pickens made his fortune in the energy business. His Legacy Award was presented by then-Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert.

Debbie Francis, Legacy Award recipient 2008. She is wearing a blue plaid outfit with pearls and is holding a book.

2008: Debbie Francis

Debbie Francis has led the BrainHealth advisory board through periods of exponential growth, sharing the center’s vision with the Dallas community. A member of several local and national boards, Francis’ commitment to BrainHealth has stemmed from both personal experience and a keen awareness of how brain development, injuries and disease affect families. Her longtime friend, first lady Laura Bush, presented her Legacy Award.

Dianne Cash, Legacy Award recipient 2007

2006: Dianne Cash

Dianne Cash found assistance at the center after her mother's diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Cash’s support of BrainHealth programs has included a $5 million contribution for the development of a new facility, the Frances and Mildred Goad Building, honoring her mother and grandmother. The keynote speaker at her inaugural Legacy Award was Pulitzer Prize-winning author and scientific expert on aging Dr. Robert Butler.