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Center for BrainHealth Adds More Than A Dozen Members To Its Advisory Board

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My Sweet Charity

Jeanne Prejean

The Center for BrainHealth has welcomed over a dozen new members to its Advisory Board, including notable individuals such as Dr. April Bee, Adriana De Urquidi, Bruce Esterline, Laura Freeland, Chuck Funai, Maisie Heiken, Kevin Ann Marcyes, Niki McCuistion, Ellen McStay, Bonnie and Ted Uzelac, Maria Vehslage and Chad West.Meanwhile, transitioning to the Center Advisory Board Emeritus are several experienced members. David Jacobs and Lindsay Wilson will continue their roles as Advisory Board Chair and Co-Chair, respectively, in spearheading the center's ongoing mission to expand the reach and influence of their research and science-driven methods. Read the notice on My Sweet Charity

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The BrainHealth Project Could Create a Resilient Economy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers at Center for BrainHealth, worked to develop a science-based plan that could help the economy recover and prevent similar collapses in the future.