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Center for BrainHealth Supports Attitudes And Attire’s Luncheon

At noon on Friday, February 21, North Texans had two totally different fundraisers. At St. Philip’s School and Community Center’s Snyder Activity Center, the 20th Annual Destiny Award Luncheon was underway with Taraji P. Henson as guest speaker and Peter Brodsky receiving the 2020 Mona and David Munson Humanitarian Award. Over at the Dallas Trade Mart, Attitudes and Attire was having its annual luncheon with a fashion show modeled by volunteers and members of Attitudes and Attire’s Boots and Heels program. While the fashion show fundraiser didn’t start until 11:30, the nearly 600 guests were arriving before 11. It was a mix of all ages. Some had gray hair; some had extensions. Some wore stilettos; some leaned on walkers. Following the playing of the national anthem by Madelyn Farquhar and the blessing by Bob Storer, emcee/Clear Channel’s Anna de Haro asked for any who had served in the armed forces to stand. One of those who stood was Mike Rials. Since leaving the military, he had had his challenges adjusting to civilian life. It was a remarkable story resulting in his joining the Brain Performance Institute, getting married to Bethany Voss on November 17, 2018, and just recently becoming a father of Jenna. On this day he was part of the Center for BrainHealth table, as well as being a board member of Attitudes and Attire. Read full story on MySweetCharity. Published on MySweetCharity  March 6, 2020

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