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Center For BrainHealth’s Invite-Only Gathering Honored Dr. Susan Hockfield With Loads Of Branches

Sandi Chapman, Catherine Branch, Dan Branch, Stacey Branch, Judy Branch, Al Branch, Sylvia Branch, Susan Hockfield, Charlie Branch, Sarah Branch, and Daniel Branch at the Branch Award 2021. Q4, 2021. Page 1.

My Sweet Charity

The Center for BrainHealth’s invitation-only gathering to present the Dr. Charles L. Branch BrainHealth Award to Dr. Susan Hockfield on Tuesday, November 2, at the Center had a grand turnout. It almost appeared to be a Branch family reunion, with three generations of the late doctor’s clan in attendance. One of the highlights of the evening was Branch family matriarch Sylvia Branch‘s “tribute” to her late husband, as well as a chat between the awardee and Dr. Mark D’Esposito. Here’s a report from the field: A who’s who of academic leaders, scientists and philanthropists came together at the Center for BrainHealth for an invitation-only event on the evening of Tuesday, November 2, to honor MIT President Emerita Dr. Susan Hockfield as the 10th recipient of the prestigious Dr. Charles L. Branch BrainHealth Award. This brainy gathering was long-awaited, as it had originally been scheduled for March 2020 – and we all know what happened that month! To ensure Dr. Hockfield felt as safe as possible for her first trip since the pandemic began and to show her some true Texas hospitality, a BrainHealth supporter generously provided a private plane to transport her from Boston to Dallas. Dr. Hockfield’s local connections run deep, and two of her longtime friends were special guests at her table Eugene McDermott Foundation President Mary McDermott Cook and Dallas Symphony Association President/CEO Kim Noltemy.Read more in My Sweet Charity .

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