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Center For BrainHealth’s New Advisory Board And TAG Members Announced

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Center for BrainHealth has added new members to its Advisory Board and Think Ahead Group (TAG). The Advisory Board has welcomed Linda Asberry, Kim Askew, Debbie Hernandez, Hattie Hill, Sophia Johnson, Manoj Kutty, Wendy Lopez, Peter Milley, Meredith Ryan, Gail Warrior Suchy, Amanda Coleman, Laura Gordon, Marissa Horne, Michael Horne, Mike Rials, Molly Soper, Steven Soper, Mitzi Wadsworth and Mike Wadsworth. Meanwhile, the TAG has retained Kristen Carter and Kendal Dodge as Co-Presidents and has added Rachael Carter, Makenna Covington, Aaron Diggins, Alberto Hernandez, Bora Laci, Jenna Martin, Mitch Mason, Mulvey McDavid, Jorden Moxley, Katelyn O'Donel, Tucker Robinson, Kathryn Simmons, Morgan Tinsley and Emily Wingate.


 “The movement to change how we think about the brain, its fitness and performance is in full force, and we are immensely thankful that this dynamic board is joining us in this important and timely mission.” – Dr. Sandi Chapman, chief director
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Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Chief Director Dee Wyly Distinguished Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Co-Leader, The BrainHealth Project


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