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Create Brain-Healthy Routines

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What is like 1,000 steps for your brain?

Like your body, your brain benefits from daily exercise. The expression 2 + 5 + 7 can help establish a daily pathway to forming brain-healthy habits that can build better brain health.


Your brain is capable of change. Neuroplasticity makes it possible to improve focus and mental capacity though challenging thinking processes. Adopting a growth mindset, and taking small steps toward healthier daily practices, can yield significant brain changes over time.


  • Taking small, yet challenging, steps toward larger goals (2 times each day)
  • Giving your brain a break from stimuli and intentional thinking (5 times each day)
  • Innovating many possible solutions to a challenging problem (7 possible approaches)
  • Placing your brain health and performance at the top of your daily priorities

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