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Dallas Innovators: Bonnie Pitman Does Something New Every Day

Dallas Innovates

Alex Edwards

She's an art historian, scholar, and director at the Center for BrainHealth. But, perhaps her most innovative work is the creation of Do Something New—a daily practice that makes even the most ordinary of days, extraordinary. It was July 8, 2011. Bonnie Pitman had just gotten a biopsy report from her doctor that confirmed a respiratory infection in her lungs continued to grow. She realized she was at a crossroads—to be defined by her chronic illness, or to live life in a different way. She chose the latter. From that moment forward, Pitman vowed to make life a celebration by doing something new every single day. Read more on Dallas Innovates.

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Bonnie Pitman

Director Art-Brain Innovations Distinguished Scholar in Residence for The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History (EODIAH)

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