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Experience Your Brain in Full Gear

People of all ages ride bikes outdoors in the park as the sun sets in the sky.

How can you engage 100% of your brain?

The myth that you "use only 10% of your brain" traces back well over a century. Before the advent of neuroimaging, doctors and scientists often assumed that large, uncharted regions of the human brain were simply inactive.


Each day, most humans use nearly 100% of the brain. Today's brain imaging technology reveals the profound impact of regions previously labelled "silent areas," like the expansive frontal lobe, now evidenced as a trainable (and retrainable) powerhouse for higher-order functions, including reasoning, decision making and novel thinking.


  • Try new hobbies and learn about new ideas – to build and strengthen neural pathways.
  • Step away from drama and give your full attention to the things that are most important.
  • Play – engage in puzzles, games, art and other creative pastimes, sometimes with a friend.
  • Strategize new ways to exercise your working memory, like creating pneumonic devices or visual cues to remind you of important details.

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