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Focus Hack: Study Finds Students Use Binaural Beats to “Get High”

A collage-aged woman wears earbuds and calmly listens to music on the subway.

The Chainsaw

Nicole Buckler

Binaural beats while on the job is now the hottest hustle culture hack. The soundscapes have been proven to bring concentration and enthusiasts are claiming that listening to the sounds can reduce anxiety and even give users a natural psychedelic high.


This informational article explores the impact of binaural beats on cognitive performance, referencing recent studies, including a 2023 paper, "Beta and Gamma Binaural Beats Enhance Auditory Sentence Comprehension" published in Psychological Research, co-authored by Center for BrainHealth's Yune Lee, PhD. This study's research team found promising results, observing evidence that beta and gamma binaural beats enhance auditory sentence comprehension, especially for more syntactically tricky sentences. Such findings suggest the potential of low-risk, high-impact behavioral and environmental interventions to empower individuals to transform their brain health and performance. Read the full article in The Chainsaw

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Yune S. Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Director of Speech, Language, and Music (SLAM) Laboratory

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Beta and Gamma Binaural Beats Enhance Auditory Sentence Comprehension

Growing research suggests binaural beats can enhance brain performance and feelings of well-being, including this study investigating the impact of binaural beat stimulation on complex sentence comprehension and awareness of morpho-syntactic errors.