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Forget Fiduciary Trust – CEOs Have a Bigger Job

Bob Priest-Heck at the center, standing beside a SMART banner (Feb. 2022).


Bob Priest-Heck

Resiliency, trust, and connecting through a shared sense of purpose.


As CEO of the global event production company Freeman, Bob Priest-Heck has found "trust is the currency of our success."In this op-ed, Priest-Heck reflects on the impact of the pandemic and the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer. As expected, the report suggests a continued overall decline of trust in government, business and media – but surprisingly, the report also reveals that many people regard their employer as relatively trustworthy. Based upon years of leadership in an industry centered on connecting people, Priest-Heck describes why employers have an ethical imperative to earn and restore trust by actively and intentionally nurturing a sense of belonging to a bigger purpose. He expresses optimism that innovative business leaders can meet this challenge through value-centered initiatives that build resilience – including cognitive training programs at Center for BrainHealth®, like the BrainHealthy Workplace. Read more in CEOWORLD

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